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The most popular way to bet on your favorite hockey team is moneyline betting and it replaces a point spread because the scores are so low. Your team has to win the game, not win by a certain number of goals. In NHL odds, negative and positive values are attached to favorites (-180) and underdogs (+160).

NHL Point Spread Betting Guide - Understand NHL Spread Bets

The general idea of point spread betting is to provide a handicap that make games fairer, or more attractive to bet on, with points/goals taken from the favorite and given to the underdog. Compared to moneyline bets, where the odds will always be positive for the underdog and negative for the favorite, NHL point spread rules differ slightly. Depending on the match-up, it’s not unusual to see a favorite have positive odds too.

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Spread bet on Ice Hockey with Sporting Index, the world's largest spread betting company. With Sporting Index, you have access to more Ice Hockey markets than anyone else, from all of the world's major leagues and tournaments. A spread bet is the most exciting way to experience online betting, so whether you decide to Buy or Sell, you'll be sure to be on the edge of your seat until the last puck is hit.

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The point spread gives a balance for both teams involved in a pro ice hockey game, allowing FanDuel bettors to back a weaker team and still receive a fair chance of winning the bet. The two NHL teams in a game are listed as a “favorite” or “underdog” depending on their predicted chance of winning.

Puck Line in Hockey Betting: Definition, NHL Examples

The puck line is hockey’s form of the point spread. When betting on a major sport, you’re typically presented with three standard betting options: the spread, the moneyline and the over/under. Hockey is no different, although it is one of a few sports where betting the moneyline, as opposed to the spread, is the most common wager. You can still bet the spread in hockey, but it’s generally not referred to by that name.

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NHL betting odds are set for lines and spreads. Types of NHL bets to place in Arizona NHL betting is an exciting chance to bet on professional ice hockey, and common bets include props, parlays, money lines, puck lines, futures, live bets, and more.

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Similar to our Puck-line and 1st Period Odds, every contest on the board shows the Odds, Date and Time of the National Hockey League contests on the slate. Hockey will list Favorites and Underdogs for that day's slate of games. The Money Line Odds will list the favorite with a (-) symbol, while the underdogs will be shown with a (+) symbol. The majority of betting sites online, as well as the betting apps, will simply do the math for you.

A Beginner's Guide to Betting on NHL Hockey

The "20-cent line" refers to the difference in the odds on the favorite and the odds on the underdog. But as with other sports, such as baseball, the odds on an extremely large favorite will often be greater than 20 cents. The odds on a typical National Hockey League game may look like: Calgary +110. Vancouver -130.